• Constant investment in production processes, technological innovation, improvement of services for the quality furniture industry

  • Processing and transformation of melamine or similar panels

  • 45,000 square meters of plants to engineer industrialize and produce on behalf of the client

  • 500,000 square meters of panel worked per month


Anti Covid 19 measures by Pantarei S.r.l. in the TG3 service 19.30 edition

Anti Covid 19 measures by Pantarei S.r.l. in the TG3 service 14.00 edition

Employee safety for Pantarei is a priority. Rainews 24's interview with the integrated services manager Marco D'Urso

Pantarei present at SICAM 2019

PANTAREI will be present at the next SICAM edition at Pad.3 stand B.25 which will take place in Pordenone from the 16th to the 19th in the month of October; Your visit will be particularly welcome. On the occasion we remind you that PANTAREI, beyond its traditional production activity, is able to give positive answers to complex projects starting from the design phase up to the delivery of the product including possible assembly and accessories. PANTAREI is the only interlocutor for the sector of its competence, realizing with other operators who contribute to the final finished product. Certain of having identified a latent need, able to give winning answers to the reference market, we confirm our total collaborative availability.

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